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Traveling in Liguria


Liguria by Air


Of Liguria's two civil and one military airports, the Genoa Sestri International Airport or "Cristoforo Colombo" Airport is by far the busiest of the three. It was built on an area of reclaimed land with a runway that is two and a half kilometers long and has efficient flight and ground facilities.
It is open all the year round, and is particularly convenient because it is in central Liguria and is only 6 kilometers from the center of Genoa. There are regular connecting flights to the main European towns, the UK and main Italian airports. Visit its website for more specific information.


There is a convenient, fast and punctual hourly bus service, every day of the week, connecting the Airport with the city center and railway stations, the Volabus service connects travelers from Stazione Principe F.S. to Cristoforo Colombo International Airport in approximately 20 minutes and costs 6euro.


Albenga Airport, also known as "Clemente Panero" International Airport, is located 3.24 NM west of Albenga, a city in the province of Savona, in Liguria, northern Italy. It was formerly known as Villanova d'Albenga International Airport. It generally serves the tourist area of western Liguria and is heavily used for flower exportation. Visit its website noted in the left column for specific information.


The third airport is located in Luni, called the Luni Airport. It is generally used for domestic or civil traffic only. It has no international or intercontinental flights.


Liguria by Rail


The regional rail network offers conveniently timed connections to all destinations in Liguria making traveling to Liguria by train a pleasant and convenient way to explore the region.

The rail network follows the route of the main highway network. The Ventimiglia-La Spezia line serves passengers of Northern Italy, from Turin on the Savona and Genoa route, from Milan on the Genoa route and from Parma on the La Spezia route, and it connects to the Tyrrhenian line to Rome, Naples and Southern Italy. Liguria is also connected by the main train lines on international routes from Nice , Mont Cenis, Gothard, Germany, Austria and Ex Yugoslavia.

The regional trains are also the recommended way of transport when visiting the National Park of Cinque Terre. It is possible to reach the villages of Cinque Terre by car, but there is no use for a car once you are there as the Cinque Terre historical centres are closed to car traffic.


Rail Network


For more detailed schedule information or to buy train tickets, both national and international, consult the website for

Trenitalia. Be sure to request regional trains and information for Liguria.


Traveling to Liguria by Car


In general, the Italian roadway syatem (autostrade) makes it easy to travel by car.


  • A 15 Parma - La Spezia means: autostrada 15 which goes from Parma to La Spezia. The below are all autostradas that go from point to point as indicated. Remember that Liguria is mountainous, so caution is urged.
  • A 10 (E 80) Ventimiglia -Genova
  • A 12 (E 80) Livorno -Genova
  • A 7 (E 25) Milano - Genova
  • A 6 (E 717) Torino - Savona
  • A 26 Alessandria - Genova

Driving in Italy can be divided into 3 categories: driving in cities (not recommended), driving in the countryside, and driving Italian autostrada .If you’re planning to drive in Italy, here’s what any foreign traveler should know about the autostrade:


All Italian autostrade, i.e. those designated by A+a number, are toll roads. You must take a ticket when you enter and pay when you exit. Tolls can be paid by credit cards which is a great convenience since the tolls can be hefty depending on where you are heading. Do not use the Telepass lane.


Green signs indicate that the road is an autostrada. Roads with blue signs are usually "strada statale" or state roads and there are no tolls. However you may lose a lot of time going through city centers and hamlets.


Most of the time speed limits are posted. There seems to be a misconception that speed limits in Italy are high or that you can drive as fast as you want. This is NOT TRUE. Speed is monitored by cameras on the highways and tickets are issued automatically and sent to drivers (or car rental agencies) in the mail. Car rental agencies will add their own processing fee to any ticket you receive as a driver.


Along the autostrada you will find rest stops called The Autogrill. They have wonderful sandwiches, great coffee, freshly squeezed orange juice, and even cool little souvenirs. Some autogrills also serve full 3 course meals. In the summer season, they are very busy. Oh, and you can fill the car with gas and use the rest room as well. For more information on the Autostrada in Italy, visit its website listed to the left.


Sometimes its great to take the scenic route (if you have unlimited time) like the Main road no. 1 - Aurelia (an old Roman road), it is a scenic road that covers Liguria from Ventimiglia to La Spezia.



The Official site of Cristoforo Colombo Airport

The Official site of Trenitalia

The Official site of Clemente Panero International Airport

The Official site of the Italian Autostrada
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