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The Calabria Region of Italy

Travel by Air:

Calabria has two airports, one at Reggio Calabria(Aeroporto dello Stretto Tito Minniti) and the other at Lamezia Terme. Ryanair operates flights from the UK to Lamezia Terme. Alitalia and many other carriers land at Lamezia Terme.

Lamezia Terme International Airport (Airport Code SUF):

Lamezia Terme Airport is reachable by direct flights from many European cities, and domestic flights from many cities including Milan, Florence, Rome and Naples. Travelers from the America's and Asia can make connections in Milan or Rome with promotions available throughout the year. Lamezia Terme International Airport on the Tyrrhenian sea is just 45 minutes from Soverato on the Ionian sea(the opposite coast). It is a full service airport with banking services, major car rental companies (Hertz, Avis and Budget), restaurants, bars, VIP lounge, boutiques, WiFi Internet access and more. A bus service connects the airport with local towns and cities and there is a railway station at Sant Eufemia Lamezia, 2Km from the terminal building. Taxis are available.

Aeroporto dello Stretto Tito Minniti (Airport Code REG):

The airport is about 3.5 miles south of Reggio Calabria's historic city center at the very tip of the boot. It was named after Italian Royal Air Force war-hero Tito Minniti, who was born in Reggio Calabria. It is accessible by domestic flights from many Italian cities including Milan, Rome, Florence, and Venice, and is a full service airport with a bank, major car rental companies, restaurants, bar, VIP lounges, boutiques, aerotaxi and more.


The Reggio Calabria Airport is accessible by car or public transport:

*By car from North (Tirrenic area) - A3 Highway (Salerno-Reggio Calabria), on Arangea or Ravagnese exits;

*By car from South (Ionic area) - SS106 Ionic Statale Street (Reggio Calabria-Taranto), on Ravagnese or Arangea exits; *Within the city of Reggio Calabria: - The airport is connected to the city by ATAM (Metropolitan Area Transport Service) buses, that connect the airport with the harbor and with the main rail station too;

*Within the city of Messina: -A bus service called "Volobus" connects the airport of Reggio with Messina in about an hour and is coordinated with all flights.

*Aerotaxi It is possible to reach major Mediterranean destinations by air taxis: Jets, helicopters an hydrofoils are the best means to reach important destinations. Air Panarea – connects the Reggio airport with the aeolian Islands by helicopter. www.airpanarea.com Idrolines – Hydrofoils, helicopters and jets connect the Reggio Airport with the Aeolian Islands. : www.idrolines.com

Train Travel

Arriving by train - for travelers already in Italy, Calabria is well connected to Milan, Florence, Rome, Naples and Sicily through the Italian rail service called Trenitalia. Their web site (see link above) has an English version available that offers timetables, pricing and online purchasing. Italian trains are among the fastest and most modern in the world.

Calabria by Car or Bus

The only highway in Italy where no toll is charged is the A3 (Naples - Reggio Calabria), toll free between Salerno and Reggio Calabria! It is a wonderful drive which can also be made along the strada statale(state road) which follows the sea, just exit the autostrada A3 at Praia A Mare and proceed to ss18 which goes along the coastline all the way to Reggio Calabria. Here you will experience breathtaking views of the marvelous Tyrrhenian sea. Cars can be rented in any airport or big city. While driving offers maximum convenience be prepared for great expense.

There are many bus companies operating both from the airports to major cities and also intercity buses in Calabria. Some companies include ATAM; and many other bus lines from different cities in Italy. Orariautobus- for bus schedules all over Italy.

Lamezia Terme Airport

Aeroporto dello Stretto

Italian Train Lines