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The Calabria Region of Italy


How to Travel in Calabria

Calabria is not as widely visited as other areas in Italy, and consequently English is not as widely spoken as in other provinces in Italy. Bring your Italian-English dictionary or take an Italian course before your vacation to learn some polite phrases.


Lose your preconceived ideas. Calabria is a unique place to vacation, but it cannot be compared to what you are expecting or where you have visited in the past..

Driving in Calabria

Driving in Calabria is a good alternative to taking the train when you have two or more persons in the car, and are able to use a manual transmission.

Automatic transmissions are available, but they are very pricey!


1. A rental car is a good choice, but remember that CDW is mandatory and you will have to pay a daily road tax of 3.5 euros currently and a VAT tax of 20% currently on goods and services.


2. You can choose to rent a car that uses diesel fuel (commonly called "gas olio") which may be slightly cheaper that regular gas (called "benzina").Expect to pay about $7.50 per gallon.

Also, note that driving on the A30 Salerno to the A3 Reggio Calabria highway is a bit treacherous; A30 Salerno is highly trafficked, especially around Naples, and A3 AutoStrada del Sole is often subject to repairs and is difficult to drive unless you are experienced in navigating high mountain passes and curved two lane roads. There are no tolls on this highway from Salerno to Reggio Calabria.


Air Travel

There are numerous flights from major Italian cities and from European cities to Lamezia Terme International Airport.

Reggio Calabria Airport is also known as Tito Minniti Airport and is located 4 km to the south east from Reggio Calabria. Catania Fontanarossa Airport is located 86 km to the south west of Reggio Calabria.

Travel to Sicily by Ferry

A visit to Sicily is in order if you are in the very southern most part of Calabria. It is easy from Villa San Giovanni, near Reggio Calabria. It takes about 20 minutes to cross the Strait of Messina to Messina, Sicily and you can take your car and 2 passengers on board for about 50 euros. You do not need a reservation and you can buy your ticket online. Just click on the Caronte link above right on this page.

Where to Stay

It is always recommended to make a reservation in any area in Italy, especially if you are traveling in the summer or on a holiday. You can find many sites, and actual accommodations web sites themselves, that will allow you to book your stay online. We especially recommend BB Planet which is an Italian web site where you can book any kind of reservation(Hotel, Apartments, Residences and Bed and Breakfasts in Italy)right from your computer and pay online. Note the link for BB Planet on this page.

About Dining

In almost all regions of Italy, the restaurants are basically fabulous and your choices vary from region to region offering local cuisines and regional specialties. There are a few things to remember: there may be a cover charge (called "pane e coperto") which can serve as a tip. note that Italians tip minimally because of this service charge. If you are looking for a quick bite, go to a bar ( alcohol is served there, but you can get a variety of sandwiches and other goodies) without having to eat three course meals in restaurants. Also note, in bars if you stand at the counter and are not served at a table, the cost will be less. In Trattoria's and Ristorante's you are expected to order a 1st course, 2nd course and sometimes dessert or coffee.

The Official Calabria region Site

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Catania Fontanarossa Airport

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