Welcome to the Travelbroads Site

Travelbroads is a site designed to make your internet search for travel information easy and more productive. We do this by providing pertinent links, practical travel tips and by sharing some of our own travel experiences.

Below you will find some key features found within the site.

Below you will find some key features found within our site.


The Compass indicates a link that we are providing which will give you extra and/or supplementary specifics. We have visited these sites and feel they are a good source of information.


The Travelbroads Globe indicates some noteworthy information that we have acquired during our travels.Such as navigating the Paris Metro, buying Eurorail passes online or what to do when encountering a ferry strike in Italy.

Side Navagation

The navigation on the left of the page is designed to organize information regarding the country region or city selected fron the main menu.

Overview - Provides a summary of the city or region.

Getting Around - Gives information on how to get there and how to travel within.

Highlights - What are the things most noteable about the city or region.

Major Cities - Appears in the regions sections, providing information about major cities.

Off The Beaten Path - Some wonderful things to do and see that tipically may not be known.



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